What if I told you that all it took to inspire great music was just a conversation? A new sound completely developed while parlaying with friends everyday - good drinks, better dialog. Life’s experiences on full display with no restrictions as your inhibitions are a distant memory. Pour one drink. A knock on the door and more friends come through. More drinks. One hour passes. Two hours pass. Before you know it, it’s 3am and you have all the inspiration you need to create.

Say hello to Ro Spit and 14KT as RSXGLD [pronounced Rose Gold].

“We’d just be having conversation in the kitchen about Ro’s family or our families. Our dads. We could have a conversation about anything and literally while we’re talking, I’m making the music in my head,” exclaims 14KT. “I’ll kind of know where I want it to go in my head. In mid-conversation I’d duck off for like 45 minutes and disappear then you’ll hear some drums and a beat from the studio.” “It was almost like a barbershop feel. You know how you can go to a barbershop and you can be talking about Steph Curry and LeBron, or you can be talking about the deepest religion conversation and racism,” Ro adds.

For Ro Spit and 14KT, they’ve built a small empire on their own as solo artists. Ro Spit has amassed a career spanning across 3 albums, 2 mixtapes, and countless of features including Royce Da 5’9”, Denaun Porter, Bun B, Freeway and Raheem DeVaughn just to name a few. Not to mention a reality TV show centered around his world famous brand Burn Rubber that was produced by Eminem. The production arm of RSXGLD, 14KT, is 8 albums deep into his career. KT has paired with some of the best in the game, having worked with a who’s who of today’s artists such as Roc Marciano, Danny Brown, Black Milk, Bun B, eLZhi, Oddisee, Skyzoo, Jay Electronica, and even a collaboration album with his fellow Ann Arbor compadré Mayer Hawthorne as they formed the duo Jaded Inc.

Nothing, however, in their respective discographies has sounded more organic and masterful than the combination of Ro and KT. “Every project that I’ve done he’s been a part of,” says Ro. “To be honest, he’s my favorite producer.” The chemistry they’ve been able to develop over the years is evident throughout Ro’s discography on tracks like “Leave Me Alone” taken from Octane & iLLite’s The Forgotten... Chosen and the Freeway featured “Forefeit” from Ro’s Glass Ceiling Project.

It’s only right that the two have taken their time to create an organic piece of work unlike anything they’ve done before. “Leading up to this, my whole career, I intentionally didn’t show vulnerability. I didn’t want people to know about me,” Ro exclaims. RSXGLD is the lyrical maturation of Ro Spit while this group pushed 14KT to new creative levels sonically. “I’ve used Maschine for 3 years but I haven’t really come out with any projects making beats in this way. It was a totally new process for me,” KT notates. “Sonically, I’ve created in a way that I’ve never created before. It’s all different and out of my comfort zone.”

This is a true, social experiment. This is music made from the soul that encompasses every aspect of the human experience. This is how you push beyond your limits.

This is RSXGLD.